The Most Common Problems Faced By L&D Teams and How Using An LMS Can Provide A Solution

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Managing a L&D strategy with minimal technology nowadays can be a challenge to say the least.

We have identified the most common problems that an L&D function faces when training employees without the use of learning technology and shown how using an LMS can provide a solution to those problems.

See how many of the problems are faced by you!

Classroom training costs are too high

It is true, there are indeed a lot of costs associated with a classroom training strategy. But these can be easily reduced by implementing an LMS solution.

We have a "sheep dip" approach to training

The sheep-dip approach has never really worked and does cost so much more than targeted and personalised training.

Classroom training has a low level of knowledge retention

Recent studies have shown that shorter and more targeted training provides learners with greater rewards.

Keeping delegates engaged has it's challenges

Engagement is a key factor to getting learners to interact and retain knowledge.

There is no training at the point of need

Today’s learners need information fast and as and when they require it.

Return on Investment (ROI) is far too low

With the poor knowledge retention rates and lack of engagement associated with classroom training, it is no wonder that your ROI will be poor.

Learners cannot self-direct their learning needs

To allow learners to freely take part in self-development, a culture of self-directed learning is a must.

Classroom training is inconsistent in different locations

Different locations usually means different trainers and instructors. This often leads to an inconsistency in the content.

Difficult to accomodate flexible and home-based workforce

Having flexible workers and employees who are home-based or on the road a lot can prove an issue.

Classroom training does not appeal to younger learners

The age of the classroom training course has gone for our younger workers who learn at a fast pace.

No way of knowling who has read important documents

Tracking who has read a policy document or important piece of information when distributing this by email or noticeboards is more or less impossible.

How many of these apply to you?

Even if only 1 or 2 apply to you, looking at how an LMS can resolve those issues makes sense.

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