9 Tips for LMS and Elearning Implementation Success

Are you looking to implement a new Learning Management System, but need some help with how to manage this process and what things to consider?

JZero Solutions have put together a FREE EBOOK detailing 9 really useful tips to consider when implementing an LMS.

The implementation of an LMS and elearning initiative can be both rewarding and tricky based on the plethora of decisions to be made and considerations to be addressed.

From aligning and communicating expectations to addressing IT needs and issues, the importance of planning and preparation cannot be overstated.

Each company that looks to implement an LMS and elearning initiative faces many differing circumstances that make that company’s situation unique. However, every LMS and elearning implementation has standard decisions and considerations that must be addressed to ensure the success of the project. By addressing the standard items, the unique ones become easier to overcome.

This free ebook looks at the standard issues and considerations that every company should address. In the ebook, we look at the following key areas:

Training Need Alignment

Making sure you have your training need aligned to the overall business objectives is your first step.

Stakeholder Buy-In

Any new system implementation requires the buy-in from the business key stakeholders in order for it to be anywhere near a success.

Project Management

Make sure you have an individual with overall responsibility for the delivery of the project.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning and preparation are the foundations of a successful implementation.


Your key decision for content is whether an individual method for delivering content will meet your goals or should a mix of difference modalities be utilised.


The success of any new system roll-out relies on testing to iron out technical issues and possible end user irritations.

Train the trainers

Training on the use of the system to both trainers and end users is clearly a must if you are to achieve success in your implementation project.

Support the users

Make sure you have a support process in place and support personnel trained before you roll-out the system.

Keep them engaged

Maintaining the success of the Learning Management System and your elearning initiative is as important as the initial roll-out.

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